Memorial Day

memorial dayMemorial Day is about a 13-year-old boy who discovers his grandfather’s World War II footlocker and strikes a deal with him: He can pick any three objects inside, and grandpa will tell him the stories behind each one. The boy ends up joining the Minnesota National Guard 34th Infantry Red Bulls and experiencing friendships, losses and moral dilemmas that parallel his grandfather’s.

As the Producer of Memorial Day, I was involved in the following:
– – – Pre-Production – – –
• Secure financing for the film
• Contract the creative team
• Cast the actors, alongside the director
• Establish budget
• Determine locations
• Hire a production team
• Develop a shooting schedule
• Create a detailed plan of action for production

– – – Production – – –
• Offer creative suggestions to the director
• Handle problems with actors or creative staff
• Monitor production timetable and budget
• Review dailies

– – – Post-Production – – –
• Discuss order and selection of scenes with the director
• Review the fine cut of the film after it is edited
• Polish, revise and restructure the film to create the final cut
• Secure distribution for the film
• Review the distributor’s advertising campaign for the film

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