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Resume – Craig Christiansen

Russell Herder Agency 

Title: Project Manager / Production Manager

As the Project Manager I serve as the primary point of contact between client services, brand & creative and client. As the primary liaison between all internal departments, I ensure the completion of workflows.  

  • Own and lead projects within the agency including digital/social assets, website development, print, video, and interactive media
  • Ideate and develop brand strategy for clients. Facilitate communication with client to ensure expectations are met
  • Maintain timelines, track progress and manage documents for reporting needs for all projects within the agency
  • Proactively create workable processes and procedures to facilitate more efficient workflows and higher execution
  • Continually identify problem areas and create actionable solutions
  • Responsible for facilitating communication between project teams, including leadership, creative staff, account management and outside vendors to ensure resources are effectively utilized
  • Keep projects on track through clear task lists, budget tracking, in-depth status reports and analytics
  • Oversee all project workflows to ensure production requirements are met for each project 

Jonathan Chapman Photography

Title: Accounts & Production

Our job at JCP is to tell stories. Our tools for telling them are cameras. Which is funny, because the best stories always happen in the moments when people forget that we’re holding cameras.

Those moments aren’t a matter of magic or alchemy: They’re created by instinctively knowing where to be and what to do in order to be invisibly present in exactly the right spot at precisely the right time. And by not trying to do too much. Instead of reshaping or sanitizing the spaces we shoot in, we find the details that bring them to life. Even on the most expansive projects, we bring only the gear we absolutely need, keeping our presence small. When the shoot starts, we’re in subtly choreographed and constant motion, playing with angles, jockeying for new perspectives.

All the while, the story’s there. And in the midst of all that intense activity, those moments that speak volumes reveal themselves. Sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once. When they do, it’s as if the camera’s not even there.

  • Build a strong relationship with new clients, manage interaction, and expectation of clients
  • Create timelines, the scope of work, & execute complex stories for national clients focusing on brand and audience (concept to delivery)
  • Present and communicate ideas, while gaining consensus and ensuring work deliverables are consistent for JCP brand/clients.
  • Develop and manage the workflow of all marketing objectives (on-time and on-budget)
  • Partner with larger production teams to facilitate and complete productions. Oversee to ensure production requirements are met.

Hanley Wood Marketing

Title: Managing Marketing Producer

As the Managing Marketing Producer, I worked with the creative, brand, social, and account teams responsible for all photography, video, and integrated production for FedEx, 3M, Ameriprise, and Sherwin Williams.

  • Managed all creative projects for digital, web, print, and video for the agency (national and worldwide creative services)
  • Assemble & collaborate with Creative Directors, Project Management peers, and the Creative Services team to align key members, drive efficient workflows, and facilitate kick off and recap meetings
  • Responsible for execution of project goals, assessment/reporting, creative briefs, and all budget allocation/reconciliation, planning, scheduling, and meeting of project requirements
  • Led internal and external cross-functional teams in allocating appropriate resources, managing expectations, facilitating clear communication for each project.
  • Managed stakeholder communication with the client as well as internal & external teams to ensure project aligns with vision and & expectations are met
  • Provided project status reports, analytics, ideation, and recommendations.
  • Identified bottlenecks and suggested ways for resolving issues to ensure the achievement of timelines, schedules, and deadlines
  • Lead creative collaboration with third-party partners. Fostered relationships, and negotiated and hired production companies, photographers, and freelance crews. Extensive experience with SAG/AFTRA

Digital Awakenings

Title: Project Manager

My responsibilities included creating and transforming storyboards and concepts into high-quality digital video assets to educate, inspire, and accurately depict brands.

  • Proven ability to determine project requirements, schedules, execute content, and lead multiple projects simultaneously
  • Think critically, adapt work for client needs, extensive budget and resource allocation, set deadlines and selected optimal forms of media for projects
  • Conducted all meetings with clients to understand marketing objectives and ensure project process is on track
  • Ideate and collaborate with a variety of teams to execute content strategy for projects, ensuring content is professional, engaging, and consistent with brand guidelines
  • Create briefs and drive creative strategy and roadmaps for clients

EverFire Group (agency)

Title: Executive Producer

My responsibilities within the agency included stewarding projects ranging from company-owned brands to client initiatives. Much of my time was dedicated to ensuring the project success of broadcast productions and building/managing teams to build a digital ecosystem for internal brands.  

  • Set and manage project expectations for the production of national broadcast projects, web, and digital initiatives  
  • Oversaw and collaborated with creative directors, production staff, project managers, writers, and freelancers on each project
  • Achieved a comprehensive understanding of client business objectives and expectations. Built roadmaps for internal and external clients
  • Collaborated with internal & external teams to define project scope, key performance metrics, and establish project approach
  • Liaison between brand and creative teams to align production requirements, resolve issues, and ensure production success
  • Developed digital properties including the management of concept, production, launch and maintenance
  • Lead cross-functional teams including Executives, VP of Digital Strategy, Creative Directors, Producers, Digital & Social Media Specialists

Perspective Films

Title: Sr. Project Manager/Producer

I managed the financial, technical, and managerial aspects of this film production company. I ensured profitability through careful budgeting, meticulous project management methodologies, and accounting practices to drive on-time project completion for national brand clients. Throughout the years I worked with clients to create and manage projects includig: broadcast commercials, corporate branding initiatives, photography, large national event management, and long-form national broadcast television shows.

  • Extensive planning, forecasting, budgeting, scheduling, and execution of projects
  • Worked with national brands, to complete small scale to large scale projects
  • In-depth budgeting and financial management with some project budgets exceeding $4M (budgeting, cash flow, reconciling actuals, projecting, and re-allocating)
  • Developed workflows, processes, and strategy to ensure project understanding and on-time delivery
  • Managed project expectations for production teams, writers, directors, contractors, and outside vendors
  • Extensive client management to understand needs and ensure marketing objectives were met and deliverables exceeded expectations
  • Negotiated delicate matters with passionate stakeholders. Established and managed third-party vendor relationships.
  • Setting, managing, and driving project timelines, ensuring all deliverables were met and completed on schedule
  • Maintaining and processing proper documentation including billing, reports, timelines, schedules, client/call notes, and general project plans

Feature Film: ‘Memorial Day’

Company: Perspective Films
Title: Producer

As the producer of the feature film ‘Memorial Day’ I was involved throughout all phases of the filmmaking process, from development through completion of the project.

– – – Pre-Production – – –
• Secure financing for the film
• Contract the creative team
• Cast the actors, alongside the director
• Establish budget
• Determine locations
• Hire a production team
• Develop a shooting schedule
• Create a detailed plan of action for production

– – – Production – – –
• Offer creative suggestions to the director
• Handle problems with actors or creative staff
• Monitor production timetable and budget
• Review dailies

– – – Post-Production – – –
• Discuss order and selection of scenes with the director
• Review the fine cut of the film after it is edited
• Polish, revise and restructure the film to create the final cut
• Secure distribution for the film
• Review the distributor’s advertising campaign for the film

Film Synopsis:
When Kyle Vogel finds his Grandpa Bud’s WWII footlocker, they strike a deal: Kyle can pick three, and Bud will tell their stories. Fast forward a few decades and as a soldier in Iraq, Kyle’s experiences mirror his grandfathers.

Website: http://memorialdayfilm.com/
Available at: http://amzn.com/B00772M1D8

Company: HDMG

Title: Staff Editor

As a Staff Editor I participated in client conceptual/creative meetings as well as edit using the latest technology.

  • Meeting with the producer/director to understand the project
  • Logging and editing of footage to tell the story
  • Researching, purchasing, and installing all editorial equipment (AVID Symphony based systems)
  • Creative editing of commercials, broadcast TV series, short form for corporate
  • Online editing & mastering